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NEMETONA: 2023 edition now open for Pre-Order  
(Pre-order available from 1 June 2022 to 1 September 2022)     
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A5 spiral bound 190+ page book
Information for beginners and advanced.



Astrological data for every day:

. transits and aspects for sun and moon
.   the moon phase cycles
.  10 planets of our solar system
(mercury, venus , mars, jupiter, saturn, neptune uranus and pluto + north node and chiron)

  • 12 zodiac signs
  • 8 Wheel of the Year Seasonal Markers
  • monthly ephemeris
  • Glossary
  • Notes Pages

Charts for:
Full and New moons
Sun and moon Seasonal Markers

with Commentary


365 daily entries including moon aspects
with space to write events in your life
that you wish to keep track of.




OTHER items for sale:

  • Handmade textile covers
  • Nemetona plain paper Journal
  • Astrology calendars
    (Moon Gardening Guide wallposter)
  • 1 year Ephemeris( planet,
    asteroids, nodes& chiron)
  • Personal edition of Nemetona with your birth data

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  click here for bulk & wholesale orders 


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