Nemetona: the Astrologer's Notebook
for plotting your course through Life's cycles


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Record your details on the WEBSTORE ORDER FORM (above)
and return it to the office.   nemetona@nemetona.com
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The deadline for pre-orders is 1 September 2022.
Nemetona will be available between October to December 2022.


Nemetona Notebook PERSONAL
is larger than Standard Nemetona at  230mm x 180mm

This Notebook is unique and printed with all the contents of the Standard Nemetona + asteroids, moon aspects and your own personal transits calculated from your birth details.
For accurate results, accurate birth details must be supplied.

Order forms are available for your convenience, but an email or mail order is acceptable too

Order Forms will also be available at the monthly meetings of the
Gold Coast Astrological Society.

  • Handmade textile covers
  • Astrology calendars
    (Moon Gardening Guide wallposter)
  • 1 year Ephemeris (planet,
    asteroids, nodes& chiron)

Nemetona Notebook standard

Nemetona Notebook PERSONAL

Nemetona plain paper Journal

  2023 Nemetona Enquiries:  nemetona@nemetonanotebook.com.